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PTA/JTA+JUA Drehgestell-Kipper-Pack - VTG Grau - Umverpackung

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Das Paket enthält 2 'äußere' PTA-Wagen, von denen einer ein (batteriebetriebenes) blinkendes Rücklicht enthält, und 3 'innere' Wagen
  • VTG26668
  • VTG26841
  • VTG26601
  • VTG26613
  • VTG26579

  • Packung mit fünf Wagen, jeder mit individueller Betriebsnummer und Dekoration 
  • OO Spurweite / Modelle im Maßstab 1:76,2 
  • Empfohlener Mindestradius 2 Kurven
  • Kupplungsaufnahme nach NEM mit „kinematischer“ Kurzkupplungsfunktion 
  • NEM-Schmale Spannverschlusskupplungen für äußere Fahrzeuge, mit Kupplungskupplungen für innere Fahrzeuge. 
  •  Gefederte Metallpuffer 
  • Geätzte, werkseitig angebrachte Metalldetails 
  • Extra feine werkseitig montierte Detail-Kunststoffteile 
  • Extra feine werkseitig montierte Verrohrung 
  • Individuelle Beschriftungen, Logos und Codes von echten Waggons für Authentizität 
  • BSC Axle Motion Drehgestelle 
  •  Geschwärzte RP25.110-Profil-Laufradsätze mit 14,4 mm Rücken-an-Rücken-Abmessungen und 26 mm über Pinpoints 
  • Konzipiert für eine einfache Umrüstung auf EM- und P4-Messgeräte 
  • Eingebautes, blinkendes rotes Rücklicht an einem äußeren Fahrzeug pro Umverpackung
  • Jeder Wagen ist ca. 165 mm lang

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nick Garner
Amazing product!

These VTG PTA tipplers are some of my favourite modern-image wagons - the detail is amazing and a rake of 10 run so smoothly. The flashing tail lamp is another fantastic addition and the overall cost is very reasonable in a market where everything is getting more and more expensive. Would 100% recommend!

Bradley Bywater
Amazing Models and Help

Amazing models and great runners. Stunning level of detail. Customer service was also great, I accidentally broke the spring on the coupling assembly when trying to change the couplings, and they quickly responded to my request for parts and arrived very quickly. Overall great model and great service from Accurascale

Accurascale leads the pack

Relatively new to OO gauge trains, but having brought the nuclear flask carrier, I can’t stop buying from them. Fantastic detail, great runners and well, the packaging remind me of unwrapping some gadget from a fruit company 😄. can’t wait for accurascale to start delivering their class 37s, 55s and 92s, I have three on order.

Robert Coote
A Wagon suited for stone

A very detailed and perfectly mirrored lifelike wagon for which is a fine addition to modern image model railway layouts.
Keep up the great work.

John Longbottom
PTA/JTA+JUA Bogie Tippler Pack - VTG Grey - Outer Pack - astounding models

This was first purchase from Accurascale - or should I say the first I have received. Flabbergasted at the quality of the packaging but also the ease at how one can get the models out and rather than 5 individual boxes they are self contained in one box; its the same principle as receiving a train set but much better.
The models themselves are just astounding - great weight and within 5 minutes of receiving the package they were on the track for a test run - so smooth - and the markings and detail is the best I have seen so far of any manufacturer. It gives me confidence that all of the orders I have placed with Accurascale are justified