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3 cargas de 'carbón real' para tolva HUO / HOP 24 de 24,5 t

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Agregue un poco de realismo adicional a su Accurascale OO Vagones HUO con este paquete de tres auténticas cargas de carbón real

  • Carga de carbón en inserto extraíble para sus vagones tolva HUO / HOP 24.
  • Paquete de 3 cargas
  • Vagones no incluidos

Tenga en cuenta que las cargas se terminan a mano, por lo que cada carga será ligeramente diferente, aunque en función de la misma moldura de perfil de carga.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ian Rae
What a load of coal!

Very realistic coal loads which fit the model well and with the added weight improve the running quality of the wagons.

Fred Rich
What a load of coal!

Great addition to Accurascale’s HUO hopper wagons. Good value for money, well protected in their packaging and all individually sculpted so that every load looks different, just as they did in real life. Another really good product from Accurascale - keep them coming!

tom quayle
Simple and easy to fit

Fit perfectly and enhance the wagons well.

Edward Jones
Great, easy and good looking addition

Not only do these as a lot of realism to the wagons, they nearly double the weight bringing them close to NMRA standards. Easy to fit (and remove later if needed).

Fr Bob
Realistic coal load

Excellent appearance, varied and much easier than making loads.