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Cargas de 'carbón real' para contenedores de PFA (paquete triple)

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Agregue un poco de realismo adicional a su Accurascale OO PFA vagones contenedores con este paquete de tres auténticas cargas de carbón real

  • Carga de carbón en inserto extraíble para sus contenedores de carbón montados en PFA
  • Paquete de 3 cargas
  • Vagones no incluidos

Tenga en cuenta que las cargas se terminan a mano, por lo que cada carga será ligeramente diferente, según el mismo perfil de carga.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John H
PFA Real Coal Loads

Fits neatly into container, coal securely fixed to its base with no over spill around edges and looks good in a moving train.

Excellent PFA Loads

These look very realistic, with some slight varation with them. They fit into the containers perfectly, and the polystyrene packer to give the correct height is a good idea

david gaule
Loads of love from Accurascale

Get yer wagons loaded!
Love the chunky texture!
Far removed from the days of plastic loads.These are quality items ,ready to go into your wagons in seconds.Forget the demmurage charges and get them wagons moving.

Alex Carpenter

Drop straight in at the correct height as they have a polystyrene spacer, no issues at all. Slight variation between loads which is nice. By the time you've thought about making your own loads, you can drop these in, done! Saved me hours.

Eamon Hayes
PFA loads

A real nice way to enhance the look of the PFA wagons. I got loads for my Cawoods wagons and they look very realistic. A quick and instant way to improve the look of the wagon.